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November 1st, 2020

Create the ultimate employee wellbeing experience

Open Eye Meditation

A quick and simple relaxation technique through the GIAH VR headset

Visualisation Experiences

Allow employees to choose from a predefined list of virtual experiences

Immersive Learning

Connect employee goals to larger company goals through virtual learning.

Employee Wellness Dashboard

Give employees an instant snapshot of their personal wellness.

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My days are so long that by the time I do normal meditation I am often pretty sleepy and find it hard to concentrate. I think open eye could be a game-changer for me.

Very relaxing, the VR experience was very life-like and calming.

The uniqueness of the experience and that each one is short and provides time to disconnect in a room of people.

It was an enjoyable visual experience. Visualisation of being in another place that made me get into the meditation

Different experience and interesting application of new technology

I Would never have meditated before but would use something like this.

Your employee wellbeing starter VR kit

Create Virtual Events

Create live or recorded 360° events where people are immersed in the experience and feel as if they are actually there.

Employee Accountability App

Is a holistic view of your employee's wellbeing.

Master Public Speaking

Help employees improve speaking and business pitching techniques in simulated environments identical to real-world scenarios

I find meditation very difficult but found genie in a headset so good for focusing. Loved all the options available

Katie O' RiordanTechnology Consultant

GIAH helps build happier companies

Boost confidence and performance

Improve employee retention

Prevent employee burnout

Better stress and anxiety management

Reduce employee absenteeism

Increase employee cohesiveness

Very relaxing, the VR experience was very life-like and calming

Robbie CreevyManager

I Would never have meditated before but would use something like this

Danielle LeeceExecutive Assistant

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